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Engineering Drawing Plane And Solid Geometry By N. D. Bhatt, an acclaimed and widely used text book by many engineering students, covers the  of engineering drawing. This is the fifth edition of the thoroughly revised book, and it is considered ideal for a detailed study of engineering drawing about plane and solid geometry. Explained in a very lucid manner, it shows the best orthographic projection, which is the representation of 3-dimensional objects in 2 dimensions. This book has a chapter on Computer Aided Drafting with 50 self-interactive and self-learning practice modules. Accompanied by a computer CD, it also contains 51 audiovisual animation modules. Giving an improved visualization of animation, this book attempts to cover the syllabi of other examinations like A.M.I.E., U.P.S.C., G.A.T.E., I.E.S., I.T.I, and various Boards of Technical Education. The self-explanatory diagrams, numerous worked examples, exercises at the end of each chapter, and tables make this one of the handy books for understanding the concepts and for practicing engineering drawing of planes and solid geometry.


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