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The C language is the language of choice to teach programming to professionals who are serious about creating computer applications. A simple high level language, it can harness the power of machine level manipulations like a low level language. This combination of ease of learning and power has made C a popular programming tool. Let Us C by Yashavant Kanetkar has for long been a popular C tutorial, a book that helps beginners learn and use the C language. Let Us C has run into many reprints and updated editions. The current edition is the 12th edition, updated to reflect new technologies and platforms. It also covers C programming in the Linux Environment.

Let Us C Solutions is a companion book for this edition. It contains the solutions to the problems given in the main book. Its chapters also correspond to the chapters in the parent book. The book begins with an introductory section. It covers topics like Decision Control Structure, Functions, Loop and Case Control Structure, Decision Controls, Pointers, Strings, Arrays, and Data Types. The problems and solutions are also spread over other chapters like The C Preprocessor, Structures, Graphics, Operation On Bits, Console and File Input/Output, Miscellaneous Features, and C Under Linux.



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