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Contents Manual Drafting Instrument Conventional Lines, Drawing Sheets-Their Layout and Planning Technical Lettering Theory of Orthographics Projections Theory of Co-ordinate Dimensioning Isometric Projection Reading a Drawing-missing Lines and Missing Views Oblique Projection Auxiliary Projections Freehand Drafting Sections and Conventions Machining Symbols and Surface Texture Theory of Conventional Tolerancing Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Detail & Assembly Drawings-Wooden Joints Rivets and Riveted Joints Welds and Welded Joints Screw Threads and Threaded Fasteners Keys, Cotters and Joints Shaft Coupling Pipe Joints and Fittings Pulleys Bearings, Hangers and Brackets Valves and Cocks Steam Engine Parts Cams Toothed Gears Automative Parts Miscellaneous Machine Parts Index


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