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Introduction to Fiber Optics by Ghatak and Thyagarajan provides a comprehensive account of the fundamentals of fiber optics and also addresses many topics that until recently could only be found in research articles. The book consists of twenty-four relatively short chapters, covering a broad range of topics. The primary focus of the book is optical fiber communications, but measurement techniques and single-mode fiber sensors are also addressed. The organization of the book allows considerable flexibility in tailoring the desired content to a one-or two-semester course. The first half is essentially basic; the second half contains more advanced topics, some of which are suitable for an entry-level graduate course on optical fibers and related components. In each chapter, an overview of the subject is given, basic steps of the analysis are presented in a logical and coherent manner, and ample insight is provided to explain phenomena and results. A set of problems at the end of each main chapter adds to the strength of the book and provides an opportunity for a more in-depth examination of the subject. The book contains a subject index and a modest list of references. The presentation of materials throughout the book is admirably clear, making it particularly appealing to students and those new to the field.


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