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The text broadly divided in seven sections contains 26 chapters. The text covers topics on solid geometry, infinite series, differential and integral calculus, matrices, vector calculus, ordinary differential equations, special functions and Laplace transforms, complex analysis, Fourier analysis, partial differential equations, statistics, numerical methods and linear programming. The self-contained text has numerous distinguishing features over the already existing books on the same topic. The chapters have been planned to create interest among the readers to study and apply the mathematical tools. The subject has been presented in a very lucid and precise manner with a wide variety of solved examples and exercises, which would eventually help the reader for hassle-free study. The book can be used as a text for Engineering Mathematics course at various levels. Contents: Solid Geometry / Matrices, Determinants and Eigenvalue Problems / Infinite Series / Differentiation and Its Applications / Partial Differentiation and Its Applications / Definite Integrals and Their Applications / Multiple Integrals and Their Applications / Vector Differential Calculus / Vector Integral Calculus / First Order Ordinary Differential Equations / Second and Higher Order Linear Differential Equations / Series Solutions of Differential Equations and Special Functions / Laplace Transforms / Fourier Series / Fourier Integrals and Fourier Transforms / Partial Differential Equations / Applications of Partial Differential Equations / Functions of a Complex Variable. Analytic Functions / Complex Integration / Numerical Methods in General / Numerical Methods for Differential Equations / Linear Difference Equations and Z-Transforms / Descriptive Statistics, Probability and Distributions / Sampling Distributions and Hypothesis Testing / Linear Programming.


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