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Electrical Power Systems, written by C. L. Wadhwa, covers the subject of Electrical Power Systems in an exhaustive  manner with basic and advanced topics. Solved examples are used to present the subject in a clear manner. The book covers the fundamentals of power system, performance of lines, high-voltage D.C. transmission, line constant calculations, and capacitance of transmission lines. Topics like Corona, Mechanical Design of Transmission Lines, Insulated Cables, Voltage Control, Overhead Line Insulators, and Neutral Grounding are explained. Transients in power systems, symmetrical components and fault calculations, protective relays, circuit breakers, insulation coordination and over-voltage protection, and power system synchronous stability are also covered in Electrical Power Systems. Flow charts are used to explain concepts including Load Flows, Economic Load Dispatch, Load Frequency Control, and Compensation in Power System. Other topics covered include Power System Voltage Stability, State Estimation in Power Systems, Unit Commitment, and Economic Scheduling of Hydrothermal Plants and Optimal Power Flows. Many objective questions with answers is available in the book to help the students. Electrical Power Systems is useful for students of electrical engineering and students preparing for competitive exams.


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