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Material science, or material engineering, is a branch of engineering that applies the various properties of materials to the field of science. It explains the relation between the microscopic structure of a material and its macroscopic features. Metallurgy is a realm of material science that deals with the chemical and physical nature of metals and their alloys, and the different ways science has been incorporated into the production of these metals.

Material Science And Metallurgy has been designed as per the syllabus required to be studied for the leading competitive exams such as the GATE and UPSC. All the basic topics pertaining to material science and metallurgy have been covered in 20 chapters. Topics like Atomic Bonding and Composite Materials, Crystal Structure, Phase Diagrams, Phase Transformations, Ceramic Materials, Semiconductors and Thermal Properties are few of the chapters in the book. The language of the book is simple and comprehensive, and the theory is accompanied by several illustrative diagrams to aid in better understanding of the concepts.

There are more than 500 multiple choice questions and review questions that are included in the book. Solved problems, figures and tables are also included in the book. Material Science And Metallurgy is one of the few books that covers both metallurgy and material science in a compact and concise form. The book can be useful for students of mechanical engineering and civil engineering.


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