Book Description

Building construction is part of the civil engineering discipline. It involves the design and construction of man-made structures for residential or commercial purposes.

Building Construction 19 Edition goes into every aspect of building construction, from foundation to roofing, from waterproofing to fire protection, from structural design and construction to acoustics and water supplies.

The book starts with an introduction to the concepts of building construction. It then looks at foundation techniques, deep foundation, and structural design of foundation. It then covers damp proofing and waterproofing, shoring, underpinning and scaffolding, and cavity walls.
It then discusses masonry, stone masonry, brick masonry, and composite masonry. The next few chapters cover partitions, ground floors, staircases, upper floors, and lintels and arches.

The next topics covered in Building Construction 19 Edition are carpentry joints, roofs and roof coverings, structural steel work. The book then covers plastering, painting, and white/colour washing, paints varnishes and distempers, plain and reinforced cement concrete, form work and provisions of joints in structures.

The text then moves on to anti-termite treatment, fire protection, acoustics and soundproofing, and water supply and sanitary engineering.

The book then covers some basic principles like specifications for low cost buildings, preliminary estimates for building projects, causes and prevention of cracks in building, and project management through applications like PERT/CRM.

Building Construction 19 Edition is aimed at students of diploma and undergraduate courses in civil engineering or architecture, or AMIE, and for candidates taking competitive examinations like IES, GATE etc.


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