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Elements Of Strength Of Materials is the reference text material designed for undergraduate engineering graduates specializing in civil engineering. The book deals with mechanics of materials, which tells us about how objects withstand strain and stress and rely upon geometrical and physical considerations of deformations. The study of the strength of materials sometimes refers to different methods used to calculate stresses in structures like a column, shaft or a beam. A newer set of examples and problems have replaced the older ones, along with answers to all the problems.

Elements Of Strength Of Materials elaborates on the concepts of Strain and Stress, complications involved in the Nonlinear Strain-stress Behaviour, Limit Design or Plastic Analysis, Pure Shear, Stresses in Thin-walled Pressure Vessels, Analysis of Biaxial Stress, Mohr's Circle,  Bending Stresses, Shearing Stress, Fundamentals of Bending Theory, Bending of Beams, Plane Stress, Moment-Area Theorem, Limit Analysis of Statically Indeterminate Beams, Method of Superposition, Notion of Principal Stresses and Theory of Columns.

Other topics covered in the book include Mechanical Properties of Materials, Analysis of Plane Strain, Uses of Strain Rosettes, Compression Tests, Calculating Deflections of Beams, Theorem of Three Moments, Differential Equation of Elastic Line, Secant Formula, Castigliano's Theorem and its Applications, Tension, Compression and Shear, Stresses in Beams, Impact Tests, Biaxial Tension and Compression, Torsion, Deflection of Beams, Moments of Inertia of Plane Areas, Analysis of Plane Stress, and Statically Indeterminate Beams.


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