Book Description

Construction Planning, Equipment, And Methods is a reference book that explains concepts to its readers in a simple, logical and concise format. To make this book accessible to both professionals and students, hundreds of photos and illustrations are provided. The book also explains machine capabilities and how it is applied to construction challenges. New chapters introduced in the book include Planning for Building Construction and Forming Systems. In order to present the latest information on machines and methods, figures used throughout the text have been updated. 

Utilization of machines always involves a safety risk. For the benefit of the readers who will use and operate machines, a discussion on safety is provided in every chapter for various machines and their use. Each chapter also contains a range of homework problems. There are 22 chapters in the book. The readers will move through chapters such as Machines Make It Possible, Planning for Earthwork Construction, Excavators, Scrapers, Aggregate Production, Cranes, Concrete and Concrete Equipment, Air Compressors and Pumps, and Forming Systems. Construction Planning, Equipment, And Methods also contains four appendices, which provide SI names and their conversion factors, selected English-to-SI converted factors, and US customary (English) unit and metric unit equivalents.


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