Book Description

Essentials of Organizational Behavior is a textbook written for the students of Computer Science of UP Technical University. Published by Pearson, this bestselling title has been designed to teach the students all they need to know about organizational behavior. This book teaches the key concepts of the organizational behavior. These concepts will help students learn the art of understanding, predicting, and responding to the behavior of the people in the real corporate world. This is the tenth edition of the book and various new sections have been added on some vital topics such as virtual teams, global implications, attitude, commitment and work engagement, and positive organizational culture. A section of global implication has been provided in each chapter to help students learn the role of organizational behavior in global market. The authors have given an edge to this book by including new sections in each chapter that discuss the repercussions of emerging technologies. The book has been divided into four sections providing a comprehensive coverage of the topic. It explores the role of an individual in an organization, role of groups in an organization, and explains the organization system. Thus, it is a complete reference book for those who need to understand the nuances of organizational behavior.


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